boys will always be boys
© accioloki

He can sing, rap, act, do acrobatics, and grab the wall to make his ass fall off.
Yeah, nothing he can’t do.


How about letting go of that act, hm?


This past week, there was an awful tragedy that occurred in South Korea. On its way to Jeju, there was a sinking of a ship, the Sewol Ferry, and lives of high school students, teachers, and many others were lost. Despite all of the controversies and troubles uprising, I would like to pay my condolences to the victims, and that I’m very sorry to the victims themselves, and to the families and friends of them.

When something tragic happens, everyone joins together and wishes for something good to happen, and it’s for not every single tragedy that happens almost everyday. So from this, I learned that I should be more aware of what’s going in the world, because I’ve never been so concerned about an devastation, and should take a moment from my own time to be aware of what’s going on.

From this, I hope you all can just take a moment to pray, wish, or whatever you do, and think about the lives lost and hope for only good things to happen.